Parceiro Pensador - Drug Cartels & Mexico

Just a few decades ago Mexico was a top investment destination for business people. Now Mexico commands attention for a sad reason, the country is losing its business glamor to drug trafficking controlled by powerful drug barons who don’t hesitate to kill rivals or perceived enemies of the trade.

Drug trafficking is a lucrative business in Mexico for drug cartels. The activity is estimated to generate close to $45 billion for the Mexican operators with an 80% profit margin. Its profitability has seen rival cartels fight it even in public over the control of the trade.

The drug war is a killing machine; its level of violence and slaughter can only be compared to normal warfare. In only six years more than 70,000 people have lost their lives to this demon. The situation is sometimes so grave forcing entire towns to turn into war zones with government military’s checkpoints as well as drug cartels road blocks. The drug gangs are well funded and as such match the military in weaponry.

The country has in place a powerful force to rid the country of this illegal drug business. However, this fight has failed and the country remains a major exporter of heroin and marijuana mostly to the U.S. Though the border between the two countries is one of the most fortified borders in the world, it surprises many how the cartels still manage to bribe their drugs through. The drug cartels exhibit a power so strong that influences would be guards and whistle-blowers to let them pass through easily.

On its part, the U.S government and American anti drugs units have tried to help the situation by coercing Mexico to enforce total drugs prohibition but this usually creates tension between the two countries.

Despite this drug menace, the strength and will of the Mexican government and its people have kept the economy booming though not as spectacular as it should be. Were it not for the drug problem, Mexico would be among the best economies in the world today.